Dave Esquinaldo has been fishing in Key West, Florida professionally for over 40 years. His family has been here since the 1800's. He knows these waters extremely well and is an expert in all aspects of salt water fishing: Deep water, shallow water, wreck fishing, trolling, bait casting, and fly rod casting. Just recently he had a client wreck fishing in 15 feet of clear water using live Pin Fish and catching large gray Snapper. Suddenly the large Gray Snapper was taken by a 5 foot Barracuda. As the Barracuda was devouring the Gray Snapper a large Bull Shark T-boned the Barracuda and of course the fight was over. Off swam the Bull Shark with a 3 course meal and within all of 15 seconds the client had a lifetime memory!

Along with chartering, he and his son Harrison, stay very busy taking care of fishing equipment for local anglers.

Harrison is particularly fond of flats fishing. Light tackle angling for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Sharks, Barracuda and others is very exciting. They have been featured in:

- Fisherman magazine
- ESPN's Suzuki Outdoors

- Jimmy Huston Outdoors
- Roland Martin

- Florida Sportsman
- Regular Winner of Key West Fishing Tournament
- Winner of Junior IGFA, 2007, as Champion Captain and his 2 clients
- Numerous Men's and Women's world record catch and release